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Residential 1st Class Solar got its start with the residential sector and soon found itself immersed in solar demand around the State.  With multiple installs on various roof styles, 1st Class Solar will meet your needs for energy concerns for many many years to come.  Please call for a free estimate and “Lets have the SUN work for you!”  
Commercial and Industrial With the many successful projects of its parent company, 1st Class Solar had huge expectations to succeed.  This culminated with a partnership at the new Diagnostic Labs Building in Halawa where 1st Class Solar successfully installed 100+ solar PV panels and integrated the power of the SUN with the critical power requirements of the Labratory.  Since 2007, 1st Class Solar has partnerships with many local firms from around the state.   
Full Electrical Services 1st Class Solar and Ron D Electrical Services LLC together create a full powered organization to meet every possible electrical need of future clients while still providing outstanding services to their existing customers.  “There is no job too big or too small !” click here for website...  

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